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At Healing Tree, our Coaching and Healing services are designed to work on a deeply energetic level to re-align Body, Mind & Spirit allowing you to transform your life and release that which no longer serves you. 

Many times, when we are out of alignment energetically, it is manifested on the physical plane through ailments, addictions and recurring patterns of unease.

Our practices work to help transform layers of blockages, patterns & beliefs so you can find your purpose and live your best life.

Transformational Coaching

This unique blend of traditional Coaching and Shamanic & Intuitive healing helps you turn your transitional situation into a life transformation.

Energy Medicine

Using different Energetic Modalities tailored to your particular needs, we can help you transform layers of blockages and patterns that keep you from living your best life now!

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Courses, Workshops & More

We offer many in-person and online courses, classes & workshops on different topics to help you live your best life, passion and purpose.


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